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Saturday, August 13, 2005

"Christian-Rights Group Sues Over Posters"

RICHMOND, Va. - A Christian-rights group on Friday said it has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a Spanish teacher whose religious posters were removed from the classroom while he was out sick.

The Rutherford Institute is suing the York County School Board, alleging that Tabb High School officials deprived William Lee of his freedom of speech and equal protection rights last October when they took down the materials.

Lee is asking the U.S. District Court in Norfolk to allow him to rehang the posters, which included one publicizing the National Day of Prayer.

Lee, who advises the school's Christian students club, also had displayed news articles about President Bush's religious faith and former Attorney General John Ashcroft's prayer meetings with his staffers.

County Attorney James E. Barnett has said in a letter to The Rutherford Institute that the posters were properly removed because of their "overtly religious nature of the displays and their narrow focus on only a religious point of view."

The four posters were taken down after a parent advocate complained on behalf of the student. Lee said in a telephone interview Friday that no students or parents had discussed the issue with him.
So, when one parent complains about public schools' "sex education," do the schools immediately stop it? No way.