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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Shasta Groene found alive! Brother feared dead.

The little 8-year-old girl whose mother, 13-year-old-brother, and mother's boyfriend were brutally murdered six weeks ago on 16 May, was found alive in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, not very far from her home, at 2:30am. Shasta and her brother Dylan, age 9, were missing from the home and presumed kidnapped and/or dead.

As of 11:50am today, the news is that Dylan is presumed dead. Shasta was found in the presence of 42-year-old Joseph Duncan, a registered sex offender in several states.

Two teenagers, Chris Donlon and Nick Chapman, were at the Denny's and thought Shasta looked like the girl the news has been showing for a month and a half. They consulted with some of the waitresses, who also thought that the girl was Shasta and called the police.

On Fox News we heard that one of the waitresses told Duncan and Shasta that there was a special on milkshakes, took an extra long time making it, and then stalled until the police arrived.

The police are trying to find out what has happened to 9-year-old Dylan. Shasta's father, Steve Groene, is driving back from Tacoma, Washington. Shasta has reportedly been asking for her father.

The murders of 16 May are still unsolved. Duncan is reported to be only about 150 pounds. Apparently the murders were extremely brutal. Is there any way Duncan could have savagely killed 2 adults, one a very large man, and a 13-year-old, and still manage to get away with 2 other children?

Say some prayers for Shasta and her father Steve, and for the miraculous recovery of little Dylan Groene.