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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Please say some prayers

Former Gonzaga University Basketball player Ronny Turiaf recently found out he has an enlarged aortic root. You can read the story here. Ronny had just signed a two year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. A routine physical led to the diagnosis.

Ronny is having open heart surgery this morning, in Los Angeles. This is potentially career threatening, not to mention life threatening.

Please keep Ronny in your prayers. He is a very friendly, funny, and energetic guy, who brings a lot to his teams.

You can e-mail good wishes to ronny@gonzaga.edu or send "get well" cards to:

Gonzaga Men's Basketball
c/o Ronny Turiaf
Gonzaga University
502 E Boone
Spokane, WA 99258

Oh, yes, and don't forget one of the million NCAA rules: Well wishers are reminded that per NCAA rules no money or gifts may be sent.

Though, since he is not a student-athlete anymore, I don't know why that matters. Whatever.

Update: Ronny is out of surgery. The story is here.

Former Gonzaga University men's basketball player Ronny Turiaf underwent successful open heart surgery Tuesday at Stanford Medical Center to repair a dialated aorta.

Turiaf was in surgery for approximately six hours and was reported resting comfortably by Gonzaga assistant coach Tommy Lloyd when contacted about 3 p.m. today.

"It went great," Lloyd said of the post-operative report. "They only had to repair a dilated aorta. That's great news."