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Monday, July 25, 2005

"Roberts Declines to Explain Group Listing"

Does it really matter?

Supreme Court nominee John Roberts declined Monday to explain why he was listed in a Federalist Society leadership directory when the White House says he doesn't recall being a member of the conservative legal organization.
Oh, the horror! The Federalist Society!

Several news organizations, including The Associated Press, reported immediately after his nomination that Roberts had been a member of the Federalist Society. The AP and others printed corrections after the White House said later that Roberts doesn't recall ever belonging to the group.

The Washington Post reported Monday that it had obtained from a liberal group a 1997-98 Federalist Society leadership directory listing Roberts, then a partner in a private law firm, as being a steering committee member in the group's Washington chapter.
Hmm, obtained from a liberal group? Could this be another "memo-gate" like Dan Rather's National Guard story?

If John Roberts had Al Qaeda on his resume, the Democrats wouldn't care. They only go to war against Conservatives.