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Monday, June 06, 2005

Cheaters Prosper!

Chelan County Superior Court Judge John Bridges has upheld Christine "Chris" Gregoire's fraudulent election today. He rejected the Republican Party's legitimate claims of election fraud, illegal voters, and other problems.

This makes me incredibly angry. How is it fair that Dino Rossi won the first two counts and Christine Gregoire wins one hand count, which are notoriously error-ridden, and gets to be Governor? Shouldn't it be best 2 out of 3? Why is the last count the valid count? Gregoire won by 129 votes! That's it! If there were 129 illegal votes, then the whole thing should be invalid, regardless of who actually won.

The issue is not who won, but whether or not the election was valid. If so many felons voted and King County did a horrid job of handling ballots, then shouldn't we just have a re-vote? What are they afraid of? If Gregoire truly won, then she should win again. I don't believe she won. I believe this election was stolen from Dino Rossi and the GOP.

King County officials got on the witness stand and whined that they had a lot of problems this year, with new computers, more voters, etc., etc. Too bad! Their JOB is to make sure the elections run smoothly and properly and legally. It isn't as though they were handed this job a month before the election and had never done it before. I believe they are called the "Elections Office" for a reason! It doesn't matter the circumstances; they have a duty and an obligation to make sure things are done properly. They didn't. The election is fraudulent, no matter what the stupid judge says (oh, no, some liberals might say I am encouraging violence against the judiciary!). Apparently the world is backwards and judges only show "judicial restraint" when there is actually a case for something. Bravo!

Apparently, in the state of Washington, cheaters do Prosper.

Michelle Malkin has some great facts on what happened