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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Keep Praying: Centanni & Wiig Still Missing

I haven't posted about kidnapped Fox News Reporter Steve Centanni (Fox News' bio here) and his cameraman Olaf Wiig, but I have been praying for their safety and safe return since I heard.

Today, Michelle Malkin is encouraging everyone with a blog to post something about Steve and Olaf, in a sort of blogburst. You can read her post here.

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I love Fox News and have often seen Steve Centanni's reporting. I was quite shocked to hear of his kidnapping. No one knows who has taken Steve and Olaf and no demands have been made.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The brother of an American journalist abducted by masked gunmen in the Gaza Strip last week says he and other family members are concerned that the captors have not come forward with demands.

Steve Centanni, 60, a national correspondent with Fox News, and freelance cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36, of New Zealand were abducted last Tuesday as they were parked in a vehicle marked "TV" near the headquarters of the Palestinian security service. No one has taken responsibility for the kidnappings.

"We haven't heard anything," Ken Centanni said in a phone interview from his San Jose home Monday. "People have been applying pressure to the Palestinian government to do whatever it can, and the Palestinian government has been very cooperative. No group has claimed responsibility, and every group has condemned" the abductions.
It is rather frightening that no one has heard anything. The MSM has been quite absent in reporting the story, unlike the capture of Jill Carroll, which was huge news.

The only thing we can do is PRAY for Steve Centanni, Olaf Wiig, and their families, as well as the cowards who have taken Steve and Olaf, that God will change their hearts. God bless them all.

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