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Friday, May 26, 2006

Thoughts on Amnesty

This morning I was listening to Rush Limbaugh's radio show. It is "Open Line Friday," the day where Rush lets callers dictate the topics. One man called in from Florida and said he was a life-long Republican. He said where he lives there are plenty of illegal aliens, but they are good people, just trying to raise their families and work, that they aren't hurting anyone.

Apparently he hasn't seen how much they hurt America. The statistics are all over the place. You an read about what this amnesty bill does to America here.

What he also does not seem to understand is that these people illegally invaded our country. I'm glad for them if they are good people, but that does not forgive or excuse the fact that they broke our laws. We must enforce our laws.

This Senate Amnesty bill is going to excuse the breaking of numerous laws. If an American steals another's identity, he has broken a law and will, when caught, be prosecuted for this. Under the amenesty, illegal aliens who steal Social Security Cards to get jobs will not be prosecuted. Rather, they will be allowed to receive any Social Security they had from the years they worked illegally in this country, at a job they obtained with an illegally obtained Social Security Card.

The Senate bill also says that illegal aliens who can prove (Hello! Ever heard of forged documents! That's what these people use!) they have been in the country five years will only have to pay three out of the past five years in back taxes. The IRS will have to find the proof too, not the illegal alien. If any AMERICAN didn't pay his taxes, the IRS would be auditing him and he would be in HUGE trouble. Can we get the same deal? I don't want to pay a couple of years of taxes.

The Senate bill includes a number of other provisions that illegal aliens have to meet to become US Citizens, but provides no manner of enforcing these things. Who is going to make sure these people speak English? Who is going to make sure that these people have been here for X number of years or that this person is who he says he is?

Aside from those "little" snags, we must think of how much money this bill will cost American taxpayers in the coming years. The costs of welfare, medical care, education, etc., etc., etc., will go up. Illegal aliens turned into citizens will have complete access to all government services. Plus, they will be able to bring family members here from other countries---thus adding to the increase in poor, badly-educated people in the US. Just what we need.

And what about the people who have or are trying to come here legally? They often spend years and lots of money in their quest to come to America, like the people in this story. If this Amnesty bill passes, then they get cheated. They might as well come into the country illegally, right now, so they can benefit from this freebie bill. Becoming American means more to them, because they had to do it the hard way.

If we grant illegal aliens amnesty, then we will have a huge influx on our hands. More illegals will invade, in hopes of also being granted amnesty. It isn't fair to Americans in any way. Unfortunately, the Senate doesn't really are what We the People think. If they did, they wouldn't have created this Amnesty.

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Title: A Profile Of Mexico — With Annotations

Author: [LomaAlta] Author's Weblog: LinknZona

Excerpt: If you travel professionally in Mexico and have professional friends from Mexico (as I have and do), you will hear that virtually all the politicians in Mexico are controlled by the Narcos. This includes the current and several former presidents of Mexico.... we should not support a corrupt government that encourages millions of its people to violate our law and invade the US every year; and we should move to protect America’s business from being corrupted in Mexico and bringing that corruption back to the United States.

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