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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I prefer Denzel!

Al-Reuters: Denzel Washington gets top billing in star poll---

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Denzel Washington, the star of "American Gangster" and "The Great Debaters," topped the list for the second year in a row as America's favorite movie star in a new survey.

The Academy-award winner was also the first choice of Democrats questioned in the annual Harris Poll, while Tom Hanks, the Republicans' favorite actor, captured the number two spot for the second consecutive year.

"I think what we're seeing here, is basically their types of movies," Regina Corso, director of the Harris Poll, said in a telephone interview.

"If you think of Tom Hanks -- 'Charlie Wilson's War' notwithstanding -- but if you go back to the 'Forrest Gumps,' the 'Apollo 13s' -- those very traditional, American values-type movies, I think that's why we're seeing Republicans leaning more toward him."

Corso added that that a lot of Washington's movies are racially-charged and most African-Americans are Democrats.

Johnny Depp, the star of "Sweeney Todd" and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy, rose four places to take the number three position, followed by Julia Roberts, the highest ranked actress on the list.
Right. Since I'm a Republican Conservative, I'm supposed to dislike Denzel Washington because he's black (never mind that I absolutely adore him!) and love Tom Hanks because he's white (never mind that he's made some absolutely rotten movies like The Da Vinci Code---which told complete lies about my Catholic Church)? Why does it really matter? I would rather pay to see Denzel Washington read the phone book and sit in the nose bleed section than see Tom Hanks for free as Mr. Darcy and sit in the front row (and I LOVE Mr. Darcy---you know, from Pride & Prejudice).

Why do we have to interject race into every possible thing in this world? Why can't we just accept that we all have different opinions and rationales and criteria?

Denzel Washington is a good, Christian man who puts his money where his mouth is, lives his Faith, and has integrity and honor. That's why I love him.

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