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Thursday, June 21, 2007

More E-mails Needed!

Don't forget to send an e-mail to the Fightin' 6th Marines and let them know that we are with them to the end!

Here is the address to send your support letters to: RCT-6lettersfromh@gcemnf-wiraq.usmc.mil

The lovely gentlemen of the Fightin' 6th Marines have their own blog. You can read it here! Visit often!

UPDATE: From Blackfive:

Sgt. Deboard writes this morning to tell us that we're at 4,970 emails. The sudden jump -- two days ago we were at 1,700 and slowing -- has gotten him wondering just how many emails will really come in.

The Marines he's been passing them out to are very pleased. They may not have time to write back, of course, but he wanted you to know it's making a difference to them.

So much of a difference, in fact, that the RCT wants to do a little something to celebrate. They've decided to send a gift to the 6,000th person to email them.

They'll fly an American flag at RCT-6 HQ, and them mail it to you. The flags will come with a certificate showing your name and the date on which it was flown. It's the Regimental Combat Team's way of showing you how much they appreciate all the support that has suddenly been flowing their way.

If they get 10,000 emails, they'll do it again for the 10,000th. And if they someday get 20,000 -- it's hard to say how many emails might eventually show up over time -- they will do it yet again.
Send more e-mails!

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