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"Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Monday, April 02, 2007

Pray for This Marine

Marine Corporal David "DJ" Emery Jr. DESPERATELY needs our PRAYERS. Please, pray for a miracle, especially in this Holy Week.

May I suggest these prayers:


Compassionate St. Anthony, you are called the "Miracle Worker" by those who have been blessed by your special friendship. I ask you to look with favor on DJ who is weak and failing.

Great St. Anthony, come to the assistance of DJ. Obtain for him health in mind and body, and the strength to accept all suffering in union with Christ, our Savior.

Loving St. Anthony, console all those who are afflicted, and guide them to the heart of the Divine Physician, where they will obtain compassion, mercy and hope. Amen.


Dear Jesus, You who have seen the suffering of All humankind, and who suffered the indignities and pain of a cruel crucifixion, have mercy on DJ. Help DJ, for the greater glory of Your Father in Heaven, to recover from his distress. Give his doctors the wisdom to use the resources within their power to heal him, and comfort his family in their empathy for him.

Restore him to health, dear Lord, so that he may honor You in all he says and does. I ask this in Your name, my Lord and savior, and Your humble servant, St. Anthony of Padua, The Miracle Worker.