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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"Millionairess Woman of the People"

Great column over at NRO by LIsa Schiffren called Pelosi's Party:

So sue me. I went to Nancy Pelosi’s big gala for major donors the night before her installation as Speaker of the House. Not that I gave a dime to elect a Democrat to anything. My companion, I am sorry to say, did give a considerable chunk of cash when Rahm Emmanuel called, to “keep communications open.” It’s amazing how many money guys do that sort of thing.

I had trepidations, of course. Having spent most of my adult life in right-wing trenches, the prospect of walking into a large room filled entirely with the enemy was a bit intimidating. What do you say to them? What if they can see what you think?

And why, in God’s name, would I want to waste a night watching these wealthy commies congratulate themselves on the ascension of their very minor demon queen to a position of power? Maybe because the party seemed more amusing than real life — or mine, anyway — and I figured that, with a little bravado, I could pass. Besides, it is occasionally entertaining to be a fly on the wall.
A few years ago, while volunteering on a (Republican, of course) political campaign, my friend (who was working on the same campaign) and I snuck into a huge Democrat-labor party/rally to hear a speech by our candidate's opponent. I was almost terrified that someone would recognize me and realize we were from the other side. It was great fun.

The best parts of the column are Schiffren's descriptions of the Dems: somewhat snarky, but no doubt true, and delicious to read!

For a taste:

Milling around the surrounding tables were Maria Cantwell, Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel, and Wesley Clark. Back in the day, I put in a lot of hours with the likes of Newt, Jack Kemp (who always had an earnest disquisition on economics up his sleeve), Elizabeth Dole, Jeane Kirkpatrick, assorted senators, congresspeople, Cabinet secretaries, and the occasional POTUS or VPOTUS — not to mention attending all too many fundraisers of varying fabulousness for (it now seems clear) totally implausible candidates who had only ideas to recommend them. And you know what? While Mrs. Dole came close, I have never seen the preternatural glow — smooth, buffed radiance — exuded by the above-mentioned Democrat luminaries. Is it possible that Wes Clark has been Botoxed? What hair-smoothing product does Charlie Rangel use? And Chris Dodd, who claims to be mulling a presidential campaign (ha!), radiated intense self-love as he strutted from donor to donor, with almost none of his traditional puffiness.
And the description of Nancy Pelosi:

But all of this was absolutely nothing compared to the prom queen herself. Nancy D’Alessandro Pelosi, millionairess woman of the people, wore a lovely ruffled silk taffeta evening blouse, in a flattering shade of purple, over a black silk skirt. Her hair shone with the diligent efforts of a really first-rate colorist. I’m guessing she had the full face done, since there were mighty few wrinkles in sight, and her skin was quite taut. There were problems, however: The eyebrows were pulled up a little too high, leaving a permanent open-eyed look on her face; and I think the surgeon was channeling Diane Keaton around the mouth. But I cavil. If you like the look of 66-year-old grandmas who can almost, sort of pass for their 35-year-old daughters, she’s your girl.
[. . .]
And here, patient reader, we stop to marvel at the mediocrity of this woman: she has a BA from a fourth-rate college and no professional experience to speak of (though she did raise five children, for which she deserves full credit); she did high-level volunteer work in San Francisco and across the state for the party; she has been in Congress 20 years, where she failed to distinguish herself on any particular policy issue; she raised a lot of money and was elected minority leader. For a host of reasons NRO readers are all too familiar with, her party took the House. There is a great deal of dumb luck in that story — and not enough merit. For that reason Mrs. Pelosi might consider showing a little more humility and a little less strutting.
Kind of like this?

Photo: Reuters
And this:

Photo: Reuters

The Left (as evidenced by the bigwigs and the Hollywood crowd) is supremely obsessed with appearing youthful, to the point of appearing bizarre and ridiculous. At the same time, they see no harm in ridiculing Republican women for their choice of conservative clothing, hair, and makeup. Why can't a 66-year-old woman look like a 66-year-old woman? The answer is that the Left is superficial, in all respects.

Do read the rest.

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