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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Do You Remember?

I'm about to go to bed, but I thought I would check Michelle Malkin's blog one more time. I've been busy in the kitchen all evening, so I haven't been on the computer much.

Her last post today is about a picture from 9/11. It is one of those pictures that you always remember, hope to forget, but don't want to forget. It stays burned in your memory. Just seeing it brings back all the horror and sorrow and helplessness of that day. I can't even imagine . . .

The picture is known as "The Falling Man." I'm sure you've seen it.

We might never know for sure who "The Falling Man" was, but it could have been a man named Jonathan E. Briley. Michelle has a lot more about Mr. Briley.

Please visit . . . and remember.

And if you can, please:

In memory of Jonathan, the family has decided to establish a 501(c)(3) scholarship under "The Jonathan E. Briley Memorial Scholarship Fund" This fund will be managed by the family members of Jonathan Briley. The scholarship fund will aid any college student or students pursue their education in the study of Audio Engineering.
Your tax deductible contribution can be sent payable to:

Jonathan E. Briley Memorial Fund, PO Box 44322 Ft Washington, MD 20749-4322