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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Buy Your Own Tools!

Not surprising that once again Mary Landrieu is whining about the Hurricane Katrina aid. She wants more, more, more! (Don't forget all this)

AP: Sen. Landrieu Says Katrina Aid Not Enough---

GULFPORT, Miss. - Federal programs and funds to help the Gulf Coast recover from Hurricane Katrina do not go far enough to help, according to lawmakers touring the battered region Tuesday.

"The tools we have in our toolbox are not effective," said Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., on a flight to Gulfport, Miss., where blue-tarped roof dotted the city's houses. She was with a delegation of senators who also planned to tour disaster sites in the New Orleans area. "We need a new tool."

Though the federal government has set aside nearly $70 billion for emergency relief and long-term recovery plans, Landrieu said massive reforms at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which distributes disaster relief, and the Army Corps of Engineers, which oversees the New Orleans levees that were breached by the storm's surge, also are necessary. And she called on Congress to approve a federally aided regional redevelopment program like the one proposed by Rep. Richard Baker (news, bio, voting record), R-La.
Why should We the People do all the paying? If you chose to live in a Hurricane Zone, you bear the responsibilities for what happens to you and your material goods when the Hurricane comes. If your tools aren't working, then it is your responsibility to fix them or buy new ones. Not the neighbor down the street's or the people a couple of states over.