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Monday, December 05, 2005

Guard the Borders Blogburst

Here is today's Guard the Borders Blogburst:

We need troops on the border. That fact is quite simple to say, and perhaps more important than anything else the government can do.

What is the basic function of government? To provide for us? To clothe us and take care of our children? To send us welfare checks and tell us that it’s okay if we feel like having children we can’t provide for instead of getting a job? No. Government exists solely to protect and defend us, and to give us a place where we can engage in the trading of goods and services, right? It’s not our mom, our nursemaid, our caretaker. It is, however, the government’s job to ensure that we are safe and protected from enemies and those who would do us harm.

So, if all of the above is true, why isn’t the government putting troops on the border? Does that not come under the idea of “protecting and defending its citizens?” Is it not dangerous to have millions of illegal immigrants who have no allegiance to our flag or our laws pouring into our nation? The bottom line here is that the people coming across the border are pften dangerous criminals. The number of drug cartels and gangs using the border to run their drug trade are well-known, and the violence resulting from their dealings elsewhere is well-documented.

Do you really believe that the majority of illegal immigrants are just “poor people looking to come to America so they can work hard and have a better life?” Guess what? You’d be wrong.
MEXICO CITY - The four men sit bruised, bloody and bound on the floor before a curtain of black garbage bags. Prodded by an unseen interrogator, they coolly describe how they enforce the rule of Mexico’s Gulf cartel: Enemies are kidnapped, tortured and shot in the head, their bodies burned to ashes.

Among those killed, the men say in a video sent to The Dallas Morning News, were a radio reporter who “didn’t want to work anymore” for their cartel and a chamber of commerce leader who called too loudly for federal help against the drug gangs. “Break him because he is causing controversy,” was the order from his cartel boss, says one of the men.

After six minutes of such confessions, a 9 mm pistol held by a black-gloved hand enters the picture and fires a bullet into the head of one of the self-proclaimed killers.
So begins an article from the November 30 Dallas Morning News. These are the people coming into our country.
Authorities on both sides of the border said the interrogation video appears genuine, offering a rare and extraordinary look into the Gulf cartel’s inner workings and its well-armed allies, known as the Zetas. They also said the crude home movie raises unsettling questions about the cartels’ possible reach into Mexico’s government, military and media - though a government spokesman said that impression could be misleading.
So not only do we have gangs like MS-13, we have the cartels and their allies like the Zetas, who are made largely up of former military special operatives, wreaking havoc and running drugs.
A senior official in Mexico’s intelligence service, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the video “essentially confirmed some of our worst concerns. Corruption is endemic, as is the collusion between organized crime and regular residents.”

Asked how credible the video is, another law enforcement investigator said: “Credible 100 percent. A guy gets his brains blown. You can’t make that (expletive) up.”
Perhaps the most disturbing part of this article was the parallels to Islam:
Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, head of the anti-organized crime division of the Mexican attorney general’s office, said the video is being investigated, but he disputed the captive men’s allegations that high-ranking law enforcement officials were cooperating with drug gang leaders.

He said he believes their statements were coerced. “When you look at the video, the men, after answering a question, constantly look to someone for approval. They were tortured, we believe, precisely so they could make certain statements,” he said.
Sound familiar? The prisoners were tortured and made to make potentially false statements, and then executed , just with a gun instead of a sword.

We need troops on the border. It cannot be said enough, but it’s not enough to just say it. We need to get it done. People like the Zetas are already coming into this country–and they’re bringing al-Qaeda with them.

This has been a production of the Guard the Borders blogburst, brought to you every Monday by Euphoric Reality. The purpose of Guard the Borders is to raise awareness about the illegal immigration problem. If you care about our borders and want to join the blogburst, send your blog name and URL to kit.jarrell at gmail dot com.

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