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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What about all those rapes and murders?

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the MSM was all over stories about rapes and murders taking place in the Superdome and all over New Orleans.

Then, we learned that these things never took place.

Now, New Orleans Has First Slaying Since Katrina---

NEW ORLEANS - Police said a woman was stabbed to death, prompting the first homicide investigation in the city since Hurricane Katrina.

Police said they found the woman dead inside the home of New Orleans poet Jon Newlin, 56. Newlin had been beaten, they said, and was in critical condition at a hospital.

Friends told authorities they discovered the two Tuesday when they went to Newlin's home. Newlin hadn't shown up for a breakfast date with a friend that day, or for work at a French Quarter bookstore.

One or both of the victims may have known their attacker, police spokesman Juan Barnes said. The woman's name was not immediately released.

The killing is the 205th for the city this year, compared with 225 by the same time last year, police said. The 204th killing was on Aug. 27, two days before the hurricane struck.

Seventeen bodies found in the aftermath of the hurricane have gunshot wounds, but they have not been listed as homicides because of obstacles keeping police from investigating. The hurricane made unclear details of the deaths such as where they occurred.
So, the homicide rate in New Orleans is down compared to the rate last year. Very interesting, considering all the murders the MSM went on and on about. Even with the 17 unclassified gunshot victims, the total would only be 221.

The MSM certainly has a lot to apologize for. This is just another example of exaggeration and creating stories.