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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rush 24/7 Adopt-A-Soldier

I was listening to Rush today when he was talking about this. It sounds really wonderful and I hope many, many people participate.

Here is what Rush is planning:

It was Monday and Tuesday that they were debating the Harkin Amendment on the floor of the US Senate, and the purpose of the Harkin Amendment was to set up an ombudsman for Armed Forces Radio that would oversee fairness and balance and so forth, and Harkin's concern was that there was way too much of me and not enough liberalism on Armed Forces Radio, discounting that NPR was all liberal, and so in the process of conducting his debate, he took all these quotes of mine about Abu Ghraib out of context and we were having a lot of fun with that on Monday and Tuesday.

So a guy called Tuesday afternoon. I forget what his name was. He had a brilliant idea. Randy in Dubuque, Iowa and he said, "Why don't you put up an Adopt-a-Soldier program for your website?" Because what had happened, a bunch of soldiers had called in; we had calls from Germany and other places around the world from people saying, "Yeah, thank God for your website because we only get one hour of your show on Armed Forces Radio. I don't know what all this talk is about how you dominate Armed Forces Radio. There's one hour of you a day during the 24-hour busy broadcast day of Armed Forces Radio," and there are a lot of military people who are subscribers to the website. I ran into them when I went to Afghanistan.

So this guy's idea was, "Why don't you have an Adopt-a-Soldier program?" and basically it was let people subscribe to the website for armed forces personnel around the world. It was a heck of a good idea -- and ever since then, we have been deluged in the Rush 24/7 comments e-mail address with people who want to donate. I have people saying, "I'll donate ten. I'll do this." It's just going through the roof out there. So we started looking into this Tuesday night to find a way to see if this is possible, because, I mean, if you're going to do this, you have to have a genuine, legitimate, verifiable database of armed forces personnel stationed overseas, and then you have to have a way of matching up those of you who want to adopt a soldier to those people, and the trickiest thing was going out and finding a legitimate database. That means working with people who know who is over there. But our people worked on this really fast and we have set it up.

Now, here's the way this is going to work. Full-time active duty service personnel stationed anywhere in the world are eligible as long as they can be reached with an APO, FPO address, or a street address that we can confirm as military. We will be very, very vigilant against people trying to scam this brilliant and great program. We have no doubt that many liberals who are expecting handouts their whole lives will try to glom onto this program and pass themselves off as military in order to get in the database so they can get free subscriptions to the website.
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The link for the program will be up on Rush's site on Monday. I will link to it then, as well.