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Monday, February 21, 2011

Thoughts on Egypt & Libya

Hooray for freedom! It is what every human heart yearns for and everyone aspires to reach. Here in the United States we are blessed with such freedom. Most of the world has nothing even close. It is our duty, as the most free and blessed humans ever, to help our fellow man gain his freedom.

This is what we have done throughout our history. All over the place. Most recently, we helped people in Afghanistan and Iraq overthrow their tyrannical, evil governments.

The fight for freedom does not end simply because bad people are removed from power. There will always be bad people---in every single country or region---and they will always try to take power back. Sometimes they continue using guns and bombs and doing bad things to citizens. Sometimes they manage to get themselves elected legally and then take and keep power and oppress the people who foolishly elected them.

Even here in the United States we continue fighting for our freedom. We mostly do it in a more civil and respectful way, but people try to take our freedoms away every day.

I'm very glad for the people of Egypt, who said "NO MORE" to "their" government. I pray that they continue to work for a true and open democracy.

I am also praying for the people of Libya, who are currently trying to tell "their" government "NO."

What really makes me mad is all the people out there on the internet, breathlessly gushing on and on about these efforts and freedom and posting quotes from movies and books and raving on and on about how humans yearn for freedom, when a few years ago, President Bush was giving speech after speech about man's yearning for freedom and was ACTUALLY SUPPORTING AND FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM ROUND THE GLOBE, and these same people derided him, said he was speaking nonsense, that not all humans want freedom, that efforts to aid those seeking freedom were pointless. Hypocrites. Open your eyes and shut your mouths. Now you want the US to say and do all sorts of things (except, apparently, actually act with force when needed) and you go about paraphrasing President Bush who you called things like "Bushitler" and burned in effigy.

How do you compare the honorable and wonderful man President Bush is with men like Hitler and the "leaders" of these nations? Your viewpoints are completely skewed and, frankly, you have no right to speak on freedom at all. Please shut your mouths and let the real grownups, who have always supported freedom, continue on and perhaps you will learn a thing or two about reality.

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