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Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11 Tributes and Links

Here are some of the countless September 11 Tributes and Links that I found particularly touching or interesting.

2,996 Tributes to the Victims. Beautiful. The 2,996 webpage has exceeded its bandwidth, but you can find a mirror site with the list here.

Blue Star Chronicles has a big post full of links to 2,996 Tributes and more, including Beth's tribute to Lt. Michael Warchola, NYFD, WTC.

Michelle Malkin has a lot of beautiful posts:
-Her 2,996 Tribute to Giovanna Porras
-Never Forget: American Airlines Flight 11 WTC
-Never Forget: United Airlines Flight 175 WTC
-Never Forget: American Airlines Flight 77 Pentagon
-Never forget: South Tower collapse
-Never forget: United Airlines Flight 93 A field near Shanksville, PA
-Never forget: North Tower collapse

A Rose By Any Other Name:
-Daphne Ferlinda Elder 2,996 Tribute
-Davis Grier “Deeg” Sezna, Jr. 2,996 Tribute
-Where Were You?

-Where Were You? is a site that "exists to gather the thoughts and emotions of everyday people to the events on and after September 11, 2001." Where were you?

Woman Honor Thyself:
-“This DaY” …Sept. 11 Angel is visiting Ground Zero today. Keep her in your prayers.
-My 9-11 Struggle

Notes in the Key of Life:
-My 9/11 Tribute to Jean Hoadley Peterson 2,996 Tribute

Planck's Constant:
-Terrence E Adderley 2,996 Tribute

Vanity Fair:
-David Friend: The Man In the Window
-Rare Scenes From 9/11 Photos

Fox News: -September 11 Remembrance Includes video of Fox's coverage 5 years ago, as it happened, photo essays, features, stories, and more.

Yahoo News: -Full Coverage: September 11

Musing Minds:
-America Attacked Slideshow Made me cry last year. Made me cry this year.
-Never Forget 2,996 2,996 Tribute: Paul Pansini

Brassy Lady:
-In Memory of Mark and Stephen Colaio 2,996 Tribute

Stop the ACLU
-Remembering 9/11
-9/11 Tribute: James Robert Ostrowski 2,996 Tribute

National Review Online:
-FATHER THOMAS BERG: Wanted: Wisdom. “We Need Answers
-DENIS BOYLES: 9/11 has been reduced to something less than what it was by all those in the European press who need to see it as something else. “9/11 + 5
-RICHARD BROOKHISER: New York goes on as only New York can. “Blue Manhattan
-ANDREW CLINE: 9/11 doubters discard the truth. “A Conspiracy Against Us All
-DAVID FRENCH: I volunteered. ““Dad, What Did You Do in the War?”
-PETER KIRSANOW: There are real reasons we haven’t been attacked again. “The Real Jack Bauers
-DAVE KONIG: I was on the train as war broke out. “The Man on the 4:52
-MARIO LOYOLA: Oh, my God, it’s a terrorist attack. “Remembering How the War Began
-RICH LOWRY: The government has kept us safe from another attack. “Five Years Safe
-AARON MANNES: Black September foreshadowed 9/11. “Black September
-CLIFFORD D. MAY: We have just begun to fight. “Getting Serious
-JOHN O’SULLIVAN: Remember that treason is the highest form of dissent. “Patriotism Faded
-DAVID PRYCE-JONES: 9/11 marked the moment when irrationality on the part of Islamists became the guiding force. Resentment turned into policy. “Resenting
-JAMES S. ROBBINS: When will it end? “Are We There Yet?” -
-STEVEN STALINSKY: The Arab media didn't react well. “ Rabid Speculation
-AN NRO SYMPOSIUM: Peter Brookes, James Lileks, Daniel Pipes, Gary Rosen, Mark Steyn, Andrew Stuttaford & more. “Did It Change Us?
-And the full week's NRO coverage from 5 years ago

9/11 Links:
-The Bravest Fund
-Monika Bravo’s “September 10, 2001
-The Digital Journalist: Seeing the Horror
-Families of September 11
-Find the 9/11 Flag
-“here is new york”
-Jeff Jarvis’s 9/11 Story (audio)
-Library of Congress September 11 Web Archive
-Missing: Last Seen at the World Trade Center
-The Newseum’s “Today’s Front Pages” (9/12/01)
-North Jersey Media Group Disaster Relief Fund
-“Portraits of Grief” (The New York Times)
-Project Rebirth
-“September 11: Bearing Witness to History”
-The September 11 Digital Archive Project
-Space Imaging: 9/11 Satellite-Photo Gallery
-Tribute Center
-The World Trade Center Memorial Foundation
-Flight 93 National Memorial Project

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