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Friday, April 14, 2006

Is he serious?

Does he really not understand why the GOP isn't popular right now?

Does he not understand that elected Republican "representatives" won't do well because they don't listen to us?

Does he not understand that he's not popular with the GOP?

Get a clue, McCain!

AP: McCain Warns of Rough Going for GOP---

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Republican Sen. John McCain reaching out to wary conservatives, delivered some bad news to the party's core constituency on Thursday, warning that the midterm elections will be hard for the GOP.

"We Republicans are going to have a tough race in 2006 because the country is not happy with us," McCain said. "We have a 25 percent approval rating in Congress."
And whose fault is that?

I would say the blame belongs to Republicans in Congress who have been spending our money like there is no tomorrow, who prefer to listen to and reward illegal aliens, rather than Patriotic Americans like the Minutemen, and have pretty much done NOTHING for the Conservative base.

And McCain thinks he's going to win us over, by making best friends with the Dems, ignoring the opinions of the base on very important issues, and acting the "Maverick." I don't think so.

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